So Much To Say! -Another MDD update.

Wow, 2 times in the same week, what is happening. LOL! I come baring amazing news! My disability claim was finally accepted and approved. Wow has that been a long time coming. As I sit here in a haze of happiness, I remember that wining the claim was just one part of it. Now comes the time to continue working on myself, my body, and my dreams. I have to remind myself that my claim was won because I am sick, and it is going to take effort to continue life. I must be prepared for relapses and bumps on this journey.

I continue to create to keep my mind busy with positive thoughts and remind me of all the amazing memories I have with my family. With depression it is so easy to start focusing on the negative stuff. The time is now to live  the moment and enjoy life.



This imagination layout is made for the creative scrappers sketch.  I haven’t played along with that challenge in a while. 20170712_181732

How do you take care of your mind, any suggestions are welcomed. I continuously say i want to live a zen life. I just have to learn what that means. Help Me!! 🙂


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