A Mental Health Update – MDD

It’s important that I continuously check-in with myself to embrace my disease. There is up’s and down’s and recently I feel good. Not perfect, but good which is incredible. I have been crafting so much and I feel the tingle in my tummy when I see pretty supplies. This can be dangerous 😉

I have been feeling so much better that I actually got a job again. I had been sitting home isolated for such a long time, it’s so nice to see the sun! My anxiety is still present on an everyday basis. I freak myself out expecting a panic attack that I usually end up inducing one, but thank heavens for quick acting medicine. Back to the job, I got a full time case management job in the human service field. I know it’s a stressful field but I feel like I have the skills to prev-ale this time. Cross your fingers that I am right, I can not regress.

Well, on to the crafty stuff. I have been super duper crafty!! I come home after work and my creativity is flowing. It could be that I am overly medicated 🙂 but regardless; I am loving it. Below you can see many of my newer projects, scrapbooks, and cards.


Come back Soon!



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