An Update

It’s been a while, almost three months to be exact! I was unable to craft for all that time, not for lack of time but for lack of desire. Sometimes, I get lost for a long period of time, in my thoughts, in my home, in my passion. I loose all ability to want. But lucky for me I am semi-back. I have been creating for the past few days, and I am started to get excited about ALL the Possibilities. I am starting to feel like myself. WOOOHOOOO!

In the last month my hubby encouraged me to get a Booth in an antique mall, and I did it!  I was so scared of failure, but my hubby’s persistence prevailed. I rented a case and got to stocking it. Truth be told, I have not made a profit however I am making rent on a monthly basis and that success in my book. LOL!

On to the crafty stuff, I started to make some cards to put in my booth. Remember that I am not a card maker so take it easy, I know they are beginner quality. Here are 3 sets that I have made so far:


Finally I am sharing a layout I made for my etsy store. I have not had too much success there, however I like seeing my items in the store. makes me happy.

Well that is all from me for now.


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