When things go wrong!!

Well, I tried!! A lot!! okay maybe too much! I come to express my feelings about my depression and recent Mania, as seen with me spamming twitter and all CHA sites. Yesterday, while strolling thru facebook I saw the post for Creativation. I told a friend about it and she said post something, maybe you can volunteer. Best Idea Ever!! Or so I thought! I spammed the internet! Seriously, in my excitement for the event I felt nothing but pure joy! A feeling I don’t have very often! So I was lost in mania and excitement and forgot to prepare myself for failure. LOL!! When I came back to reality, I was excited dressed and nowhere to go!

Big Mistake, I realize how far gone my depression has grasped me again.I use to know the events by  memory recall alone. It’s absurd that I did not know about this event happening around my house!!  My depression has me so tied up! I am not giving you a boohoo me party! I am just expressing that should I have been on my game I would have saved money, every last cent, to make it to the event. Now I find myself, 10 minutes away from the biggest craft show in the world. should have, would have, but I didn’t.

So moral of the story! get your meds checked before you make big mistakes as I have.



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