Best Chalk Markers Ever!! Chalk O La

If you follow me you know that when I find something I love I must shout it off the roof top!! Well Chalk O La is the most incredible product ever made. I reached out to them and they sent me a set of their markers to review. Well, they have made a believer out of me. The color is fluid, without looking chalky. If you have been using anything other than Chalk o La, you must stop and go order your own set and be prepared to have your mind blown. LOL!! Seriously they are that great.


Window Markers - 15mm Jumbo - 3 in 1 Nib with 28g Ink - Pack of 8 neon chalk pens - Loved by Teachers, Kids, Artists, Businesses. Use on Chalkboard, Whiteboard, Blackboard Glass, Bistro

I made a video to recap my thoughts on this product.


Chalkola is so amazing they are offering a 20% Discount to my Readers, Woooohoooo!!

Coupon Code – 20OFFSTR

These are the links to the two packages you saw in my video.

6mm Pens –

15mm Markers-

Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks so much for stopping by!


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