Paper Issues Challenges

I have been working on a few LO since Monday for the Paper issues challenges. below you will see all the ones I was able to complete. I started many others and pushed them aside as rejects. My ever changing mood has been disrupting my crafty plans. It took me hostage for a little more than a week and destroyed my craft mojo. I hate that, not because the mojo is gone, but because I forget that I like to craft. I forget that if I just play with my stash or organize it, I usually get out of the slump. I guess the problem is that I forget that I am depressed so I can’t do anything about it. It’s almost like I need a timer to remind me that I have this disease, so I can be proactive about it. Sorry, sounds crazy!! I KNOW!! But I think this is why blogging is good so that I can document these episodes and be able to have a better idea of what is happening inside my brain.

This past weekends Paper Issues had an online crop, which I loved, I was unable to play along, I was being held against my will, 🙂 🙂

Basically what I am saying is that all stars need to align perfectly in my world to be able to feel content enough to scrapbook. Anyone else, if I get stressed, hungry, or anything I can be taken hostage by depression only to wake up a few days later. :(:(

Enough of that! Here is what I was able to complete so far! I am loving this online crop idea! So motivating.


Thanks a million for stopping by!


8 thoughts on “Paper Issues Challenges

  1. Cute pages! Your Starbucks layout with the different layers caught my attention. You remind me to use different textures and embellishments to create interest. Depression is a powerful foe, I think the hardest part of depression is not realizing you are in it but instead beating yourself up for not moving. I am so glad you were able to get some layouts done, they turned out so nice. I appreciate your sharing of your journey.

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  2. Great layouts, and the grid one with the ink spatters and banners (We Survived) is fabulous! So glad that you were able to get some crafty projects done. Sometimes I find myself in a slump too. Organizing is so therapeutic! So glad you joined us for the sketch from Creative Scrappers!


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