5 Ways I use Gelatos to Deal with my Depression

I love gelatos! I am easily enabled and when I saw these beauties, of course; I ordered a package of each color . So I put them in a pretty container and displayed them! After 6 months of seeing how pretty they were, I decided to challenge myself to actually use them and stop assaulting them with my stares, LOL!!

5 Ways I use Gelatos to Deal with  my Depression

Click on the picture to see the finished layout.

#1 Mix Colors:

Do you ever need a specific color of paint, marker, or in this case Gelato and you are sure you have it because, of course you bought every color, remember!  Anyways, I could not find it so I decided to mix my colors until I found the right shade. Simple; but in my mind it genius, since I would have taken any excuse to go to the craft store. However because my disease that become a MASSIVE Task, so the good news is that I used my happy thoughts and I learned how to mix colors.

#2 ~ Draw or Color:

I often make patterns on white water paper. I will then on occasion spritz water over it and it creates patterns that are so nice to stare at. I like that Art can be therapeutic!

This is a lot of fun but it is easy to go overboard, doubting me, well see exhibit A:


I never said my healing process was always good and inspirational, sometimes I can express myself in very ugly ways, LOL!

#3 ~ Stencil:

One of my favorite more recent things to do, thanks to Club Scrap, who enabled me to use their yummy product. I will use a stencil to make a design, put gesso over it and then rub the pretty colors on.  It makes the prettiest designs. where the effect is messy and very colorful!


#4 ~ Emboss:

In my embossing process, I use the embossing folder and color the inside of the folder, then run it thru my Cuttlebug. Love how the color transfers and gets into all those beautiful designs. Here is an example:

#5 ~ Make Background Paper:

Lastly, some of the pictures that I come across don’t need a lot of scrappy supplies to Shine! The story can be  more than enough for me to find a therapeutic process. This is one of the ways that a few Gelatos can help me finish a Layout in 2 minutes. I just rubbed them on my paper and Voila! I mean it’s no Picasso, but another memory scrapped and another feeling of accomplishment! Of course, my Cricut helped!


 I know this might be old news to some of you, but I have faith at least one person will have an Aha Moment, and I would have fulfilled my purpose for the day!

Thanks again for all the Love and Support please share with me the different ways your supplies help you thru the creative or healing process.


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