Accomplishments of a depressed Scrapbooker

I am so glad that I posted my struggle with depression, I feel the support from my fellow crafters and that is such a motivating thing. This morning I was able to take a walk, do yoga, and jump on the trampoline before I completely crashed Sad smile Sad smile.

The good news is I took a nap and I am feeling a bit creative. I decided it was a good idea to start a self-scrapbook to document my happy moments and my accomplishments, that was when I am down in the dumps I can look thru my happy moments. #SELFISH is not bad! I am on a long road to recovery and I hope to be able to get thru this.

The story:

When I think of my successes, of course,I think of my children, educational degrees, and financial achievements. However, I tend to forget the things I have done that have taken sheer will power!! The dedication that I so often lack to do even the simplest things. I made a promise to myself and God that if I passed a test I would give up coke for a year. Now this might seem easy however, I am an avid coke drinker. I accomplished my goal!!! I sent 1 year 11 days, soda free!!! If I can do that I am sure I can do anything including getting out of my slump.

Close Up’s:

Products Ued:

  • Paper: Club Scrap and Carta Bella
  • Stamp: Club Scrap ~ <——–this is my favorite stamp
  • Ink: Tim Holtz Walnut
  • Embellishments and Ribbon: Club Scrap

Would anyone like to join me in a NO STRESS self-discovery album? If anyone else out there would like to share accomplishments with me and use crafting as a healing tool, let me know. I would love to celebrate your accomplishments with you.  I admit some days my accomplishments are minor for me and include remembering to eat or just getting out of bed, but I am going to ride my happy wave for  as long as I can.

Thanks so much for stopping by!


5 thoughts on “Accomplishments of a depressed Scrapbooker

  1. Hi Esther, beautiful page and I love the colours. What a great achievement for giving up Coke for a year well done.
    When I read your first post I felt like I was reading about myself as it was in 2000 that I finally admitted there was something wrong. Yep I was depressed and getting worse. Diagnoses depression and anxiety disorders ( with some bipolar symptoms) And from then on it has been a fight every since.
    Some days are fine… good and happy other days are like where do I start how to I function today.
    I’m at the point again on the 9th October I got terminated from my job, which I thought I coped with quiet well I didn’t fall apart as normal held it together cleared out my desk and computer sent out an email to say I was leaving as it was a shock but walked out with my head held high.
    Then I broke down.
    I applied for several jobs got an interview heard nothing back from others and got 2 knock backs and didn’t get the job for the interview. I’m not sure what set off the rapid decline maybe the no responses but here I am full depression and anxiety off the charts. Sleep is weird from being awake 24hours to sleeping for 17hours not being able to get out of bed or if I do it’s a few minutes or hours but then I feel overwhelmed I need to go lay down. My mind full of you need to do this and that but looking around and thinking where do I start? Yep one day at a time one thing at a time get up and do something yet it just seems so hard to do.
    So I guess your story has touched my heart and head as this morning I was able to share this. Thank you Esther it has helped.


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