Gabriel- A bit different today-

Hello, today I had a small epiphany while looking for the next picture to scrap. It hit me like a TON of Bricks! I LOVE to scrapbook, I love the artistic part and for the last 15+ years I have been making hundreds of pages, seriously hundreds. no rhyme or rhythm to my madness, I picked up a picture that inspired me and I got to cutting, clipping, dying, and gluing.

Well today was No different, I had a deadline for a DT and I just needed to get it done. and then it hit me. I just rushed thru a Lo to meet a deadline. Nooooooooooo Fun!!! Well that’s where it gets interesting. I got the LO out again and I embellished, journaled, and although the hospital card does not match I left it. LOL!!

I decided from now on I will scrapbook in two different ways. For Pleasure & For memory preservation. How is that different you might ask, or I might be typing to myself, well I would like to continue to create art (LO’s) with no Rhyme and no Rhythm, just for fun. But then I would like to start an actual scrapbook with journal ling and pictures and stuff my kids can actually share with their kids and so forth. A scrapbook that will answer questions when I am no longer able to.

Again you might be asking WHY ARE YOU TELLING US THIS, well I wanted to advice that although I Aim to inspire you with my LO, my journaling on this blog will be dedicated to my kids when it is part of my memory preservation scrapbook. I will tag posts appropriately and hopefully you do not get too annoyed with this process.

I love my work with DT and I would not give that up ever, I like the challenge and creativity that comes with begin part of DT. I can not wait to continue to inspire you and hopefully you all will stick with me thru this process.

Fast LO: 


Love LO: DSC01966

Close Up’s: 

Products Used: 

Thanks for stopping by today. Now lets let the fun continue.


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