I had another Dream

Okay so I am sure not that many people read this since I am absent for such long periods of time. I wish I could say that I would get better at this but having a baby in two weeks will only make me absent for longer periods of time, or will seh be so good that I will be able to scrapbook all day and night?? Huuuummmmm….

Anyways on to my dream. My father has 12 grandkids and counting…. I am having the last one. So I thought for his birthday I could make a word (name) book for each one of them, with details of their DOB, favorite things and very customized for each of them. Now this would take a LONG time but his birthday is in June, can I do it?

I am taking the challange! Hopefully I will continue to have enough energy to keep everyone updated!


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