A Lot On My Mind!

Well I started school about 2 weeks ago. WOW! I can hardly believe that I am in a Graduate Program!

I am trying to complete a Master’s Degree is Counseling! What a huge goal for a person like me!

I am putting most my crafting on the back burner for a while. Too many things going on, I fully intend to craft at least once a week.

Going into this program makes me doubt myself and brings strange feelings of uncertainty into my day dreams, can I actually do it.

Yesterday in a mock therpy session my first one every I discovered that for the most part I am a nervous reck! I can not speak to people when I know there is pressure. I mean wow!! That was hard, and to think that people might realy on me to help! I mean sometimes I can barely help myself!

A lot of pressure on me! Hope to be able to make it out of the program sainly!! LOL!! Thanks for visiting my blog!


4 thoughts on “A Lot On My Mind!

  1. Best wishes! You can do it! I think it is so wonderful you are pursuing a Master’s Degree. But I am so sad we be seeing as many wonderful creations…(tear).Quit doubting yourself, if your heart is in it…that’s more than enough to carry you through whatever type of situation you may face in counseling! You go girl!


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